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Right now we are looking for shipyard companies which are specialized on niche products that need fresh money from serious european investors.

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Investments in shipyards

The shipbuilding industry is structured quite heterogeneously. Some twigs of this branch are very lucrative. Others are subject to serious world wide competition. A careful analysis is extremely importan for joint ventures of any kind.

Specialization utmost important

Shipyards in Asia, for example, attract lucrative offers for shipbuilding or maintenance in dry docks. From our point of view, specialization and the price-performance ratio are most important. From time to time, we offer you opportunities to invest in promising sectors of the shipbuilding industry, where quality is paramount and ships being produced are niche products.

Coming together

One of our services is to build bridges between shipyard companies that do produce promising niche products and financially strong investors that are competent in the shipbuilding business.

Let us have some confidential conversation.
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Prof. Dr. Grottker