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Wind farms - where the wind blows

Wind energy plays a significant role in a sustainable energy supply based on a sensible mix of renewable energy sources. Investments in wind farms may in some places be extremely lucrative if the conditions are right.

Framework conditions should fit

Of course locations for new wind farms should be very productive. Coastal regions, summits of mountain ranges and areas with national wind systems like the Mistral or the Bora are among them.

Equally important are legal certainty, planning security, network capacities and pragmatic approval procedures.

We try to find such arreals where these framework conditions in their entirety appear predominantly positive. Only that way can a meaningful contribution to an ecological energy mix be generated. From the perspective of investors, an acceptable return can be achieved.

Different groups of investors

Private investors, municipalities and civil associations or investment funds are particularly interested in wind farms.

We are happy to help you if you are looking for an ecologically sensible investment object.

Please take contact here and let us have
an open conversation.

Prof. Dr. Grottker