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Renaissance of down to earth values

The appreciation of land and property currently increases in many countries around the world. Agricultural and forest land and properties are increasingly sought after.

Perhaps, this trend is also favored by the continued turmoil in the financial markets, which has not reached its peak in our opinion. Obviously, many investors seem to reflect on traditional down to earth values more than before. Many of us question common investment patterns.

What will happen to your investments if the fiscal situation in Greece, Spain, Italy, France and the United States continue worsening?

Demand for land - very trendy at the moment

Many landowners take this chance and want sell their land right now.

Prof. Dr. Grottker

I can support you as a seller or buyer, to find at home and abroad, what and who you are looking for.

If you appreciate an individual consulting, tailored to your personal needs, then we should contact each other.

I look forward to an open and trustfull conversation with you.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Grottker
Forest economist